Cookies are data that are sent from the website and stored by the internet browser on your computer or in
another device (for example, tablet or mobile phone) of the user. Will be installed, the domain and its subdomains, cookie technical and third-party cookies.
However, the user can manage or request deactivation general or deletion of cookies by changing the settings on your Internet browser. This deactivation, however, may slow or prevent access to certain parts of the site.
Settings to manage or disable cookies may vary depending on the internet browser used, therefore, for more information on ways in which to make these operations, we recommend the User to read the manual of your device or the “Help” or “Help” of your Internet browser.

In the following Members to the links that explain how to manage or disable cookies for the popular Internet browser:

– Internet Explorer: -E / internet-explorer / delete-manage-cookies
– Google Chrome:
– Mozilla Firefox: %% 20dei 20cookie
– Opera: cookies.html
– Safari:

The use of cookies technical, ie cookies for the transmission of communications on electronic communications network or cookies are strictly necessary to the supplier to provide the service requested by the customer, enables the safe and efficient use of our website.
Session cookies can be installed to allow access and stay in the restricted area of ​​the portal as an authenticated user.
Cookies technicians are essential for the proper functioning of our domain and are used to allow users to normal navigation and the ability to take advantage of the advanced services available on our website. The cookies used are distinguished in technical session cookies, which are stored only for the duration of the cruise until you close your browser, and persistent cookies that are saved in the user’s device until they expire or
deleting by the user thereof.

Our site uses cookies following technical:
• Cookie technical or navigation session, used to manage the normal navigation and user authentication;
• Cookie technical functional, used to store customizations selected by the user, such as, for example, the language;
• Cookie technical analytics, used to know the way in which users use our website so that we can evaluate and improve the operation.

Installation may be third-party cookies: these cookies, analytical and profiling, Google, and Facebook of Criteo. These cookies are sent from domains of the aforementioned third party external to our website.
Cookies analytical third parties are used to collect information on user behavior on the site. The survey is anonymous, in order to monitor performance and improve the usability of the site. Cookies profiling third parties are used to create profiles about users in order to offer advertising in line with the choices expressed by the users themselves.
The use of these cookies is subject to rules drawn up by the same third party, therefore, Members are invited to read the privacy policies and information to manage or disable cookies published in the following web pages:
For Google cookie:
– Privacy policy: privacy /
– Signs to manage or disable cookies: accounts / answer / 61416? hl = en
For cookie Criteo:
– Privacy policy:
– Signs to manage or disable cookies: < / a>
For cookie Facebook:
– Privacy policy:
– Indications manage or disable cookies: